The perfect start to spring 2024: a beautiful terrace all year round

Spring is in full swing and therefore the perfect time to prepare your patio for sunny days and balmy evenings outdoors. After the cold winter months, we are all looking forward to more time outdoors and want to make the most of our outdoor space. In this article, we would like to give you helpful tips and creative ideas on how to get your patio in shape and enjoy it to the fullest for as long as possible.

We understand that your patio is more than just an outdoor space - it's a space for relaxing, celebrating and socializing. That's why we've thought about how you can get the most out of your outdoor space. Whether you have a small balcony or a spacious patio, our tips are versatile and can be adapted to your situation.

So grab your gardening tools and let's work together to get your patio ready for spring. From cleaning to decorating to choosing the right furniture - we've got you covered. Let's get started!

Spring freshness begins with cleaning

Before we get into the creative aspects of your patio design, it's wise to start with a thorough cleaning. Winter may have left its mark, and there are certainly some steps you can take to get your patio back to sparkling condition.

1. Basic cleaning


      • Cleaning the surfaces: Start by thoroughly cleaning the surfaces of your patio. Remove leaves, dirt and possibly cobwebs.
      • Intensive cleaning: Grab a good cleaning product and clean your patio gently so as not to damage the surface. Alternatively, you can use a pressure washer or even hire a professional cleaner.
      • Clean joints: Check the joints between the tiles or paving stones. You can use a joint scraper or a brush to remove stubborn dirt and weeds. Alternatively, you can of course also install a weed-proof paving joint mortar in one go.
      • Clean furniture: If you have outdoor furniture, clean it thoroughly. Upholstery can be washed or cleaned often, and wooden furniture should be checked for damage and oiled if necessary.


For effective removal of green deposits, algae and moss from your patio, we recommend our zerogreen ® Green Deposit Remover Turbo . This product has been specially developed to remove stubborn dirt and make your patio shine again. It is super easy to use, as you can read here.

A clean patio is the ideal foundation for all the other improvements we will discuss in this article. Does your patio already look fresh again? Then we can move on to the next step.

2. Repair and maintenance

This step is all about repairing any damage and protecting your patio for the long term. Here are some important aspects to consider:

Check the condition:

      • Check flooring: Carefully inspect your flooring for cracks or loose stones/tiles. Repair or replace any damaged areas to avoid tripping hazards.
      • Inspect the substructure: If your patio has a wooden substructure, check it for rot or pest infestation. An intact foundation is crucial for the stability of your patio.
      • Railings and stairs: Check railings and stairs for stability. Loose railings can be dangerous, and stairs should be sturdy and non-slip.

Protection and care:

      • Wood care: If your patio has wooden surfaces, regular care is important. Apply a wood preservative oil if necessary to protect it from the elements.
      • Impregnation: If you have paving stones or concrete surfaces, consider impregnation to protect your patio from moisture and dirt.
      • Renew joints: If the joints between the tiles or paving stones are damaged, renew them. Fresh joints not only look better, they also prevent weed growth.


Our zerogreen ® nano impregnation is not only environmentally friendly, but also forms an invisible barrier that protects your terrace from dirt and moisture. It preserves the natural look of your materials and makes cleaning easier.


Has your patio become old and grey? Even cleaning it doesn't bring the desired results and you're thinking about installing a new one? Then be sure to take a look at our zerogreen® stone paint first. With our stone paint, you can easily make your patio shine like new.

Once you've made all the repairs and taken the necessary protective measures, your patio is ready for the next level of beautification. Check out the following sections for inspiration on how to creatively design your patio.

3. Creative design of your terrace

Now it gets exciting: the creative design of your patio! This step is not only fun, but also gives your outdoor area a personal touch. Here are some ideas on how you can get your patio ready for spring:

Plants and flowers:

  • Flower pots and planters: Use colorful flower pots and planters on your patio. They bring life and freshness into the room.
  • Vertical gardens: Use the vertical space of your patio for a vertical garden. Hang plant bags or hanging baskets to incorporate more greenery.
  • Herb garden: If you enjoy cooking, consider an herb garden. Fresh herbs like basil, mint and rosemary are not only practical, they also smell wonderful.

Comfortable seating areas:

  • Lounge furniture: Invest in comfortable lounge furniture where you can spend relaxing hours. Combine different seating furniture for a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Outdoor rug: An outdoor rug can make the seating area more comfortable and add color.
  • Sun protection: Consider a parasol or awning to protect yourself from the intense spring sun.


  • Solar lights: Solar-powered garden lights are an environmentally friendly way to illuminate your patio with warm light. They are easy to install and free to operate.
  • LED fairy lights: LED fairy lights create a pleasant atmosphere in the evening. Hang them along the railings or use them to frame plants.

Decoration and accessories:

  • Pillows and blankets: Throw colorful pillows and soft blankets on your lounge furniture to increase comfort and add a touch of color.
  • Lanterns: Lanterns with candles or LED candles are not only decorative, but also create a romantic atmosphere.
  • Artwork: Hang artwork or wall decorations that are weather-resistant and reflect your personality.

Children’s play area:

  • Play area for children: If children are part of your family, set up a play area for them. A sandbox or a small corner with toys can make their time outdoors more enjoyable.

Music and entertainment:

  • Outdoor speakers: Install weatherproof outdoor speakers to enjoy music on your patio. A relaxing playlist will put you in a good mood. Alternatively, there are also many good portable outdoor speakers.


Don't forget to consider quality and durability when choosing your design elements. This will ensure that your patio remains inviting not only in spring, but all year round.

Once you have designed your patio the way you want it, it's time to enjoy it for the coming spring days. Sit back, relax and breathe in the fresh air. A well-maintained and beautifully designed patio will bring joy to you and your guests.

4. Ongoing care and maintenance

A well-maintained patio doesn't stay beautiful on its own. Regular care and maintenance are crucial to ensure you can enjoy your outdoor space for as long as possible. Here are some important tips:


  • Daily care: Remove leaves, dirt and other debris from your patio regularly to prevent stains.

Joint control (for fixed joints):

  • Check joints: Inspect the joints between stones or slabs for cracks or wear. Damaged joints should be repaired to prevent further damage. The old, defective joints are removed and replaced with fresh joint mortar.

Protection and impregnation:

  • Regular impregnation: To ensure the long-term effectiveness of the zerogreen® Nano impregnation , we recommend regular re-impregnation. You can check whether the protective effect is diminishing by observing whether the surface is absorbing water again. If this is the case, it is time to re-impregnate. In most cases, however, an annual application is sufficient to optimally protect your floor surfaces.

  • Protection against environmental influences: Various types of dirt can quickly build up on your pristine patio tiles. For example, potting soil often contains iron, which can leave rust stains on contact. Even after a fun barbecue, grease stains can remain. Our impregnation helps prevent dirt from penetrating the surface immediately. However, it is advisable to remove stains as quickly as possible to avoid permanent marks. This protective mechanism preserves the beauty of your patio tiles and allows you to enjoy your outdoor area to the fullest.

Furniture and accessories:

  • Furniture care: Maintain your garden furniture regularly according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

  • Upholstery and cushions: Upholstery and cushions should be protected from rain or heavy moisture.

Plant care:

  • Care for plants: If you have plants on your patio, take care of them regularly. Water them, remove dead leaves and fertilize as needed.

Consult a specialist:

  • Expert advice: If you are unsure or encounter major problems, do not hesitate to contact a professional.

A well-maintained patio will not only last longer, but will also always look inviting and appealing. With the right care and attention, you can ensure that you can enjoy every moment on your patio to the fullest.

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