frequently asked Questions

To make things easier for you, we have divided our customers' most common questions into two categories: Product-related questions and General questions. If you cannot find the answer to your question here, do not hesitate to contact us directly!

General questions

You will receive emails from us about the current order status. You can check the shipping status of your order at any time via our online tracking system by entering your order number and email address or your shipment number.

Did you make a mistake with your order? No problem, contact us as soon as possible at support@zerogreen.de and we will change your order. If your package is already on its way to you, you can return it free of charge within 14 days of receipt. Please note that we can only accept returns of unopened, unused and undamaged goods.

We accept common payment methods such as credit card, PayPal, ShopPay, Klarna and bank transfer. We also accept payment in Bitcoin, find out more here.

Shipping usually takes 1-3 working days (depends on the shipping service provider) and is always free of charge for you.

Unfortunately, we currently only deliver to addresses within the Federal Republic of Germany. We are already working on expanding our shipping network. Please give us feedback and contact us at support@zerogreen.de

To ensure that all possible questions from our customers are answered proactively, we have developed extensive resources. These include a detailed FAQ section, an interactive chat bot, online shipment tracking, detailed product advisors and practical consumption calculators. If you still have any questions or special requests, we are always happy to help. You can contact us by email at support@zerogreen.de or use our contact form - we will endeavor to respond to your concerns as quickly as possible.

We offer you free shipping. Always. No ifs or buts.

Yes, products can be returned within 14 days in their original condition. Please note that we can only accept returns of unopened, unused and undamaged goods.

We currently only offer shipping options and do not have pickup options.

We always offer various promotions, coupons and other attractive discounts with which you can save even more. Just have a look around the website under the menu item "Promotions".

Product-specific questions

The product descriptions and labels of the respective products contain guidelines that will help you. If you want to calculate your consumption more precisely, then use our consumption calculator.

For specific questions about individual products, please visit the FAQ section on the respective product page.

Please store the cleaning products in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and out of the reach of children. To prevent the containers from swelling, we recommend opening them every now and then, especially if they are stored for a longer period of time.

Our products are manufactured in Germany in compliance with high quality standards. Individual materials come from other EU countries.

Our products are the result of highly concentrated formulations, developed to work efficiently and in a targeted manner. Our roots in craftsmanship and the daily use of our products in this field are the foundation of our confidence in their performance. What makes us special are our honest and realistic statements, supported by photo and video references from many years of experience. We do not rely solely on laboratory values, but on real, practical results.

You can find information about our materials on the respective product pages. For those who want to know more, we provide safety data sheets.

If you are not satisfied, please contact us and we will try to find a solution together.

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer samples. Please leave us feedback if you would like this.

Instructions and further information about our products can be found on the respective product pages and in detail in our Do-It-Yourself Guides.