frequently asked Questions

1. What exactly is the zerogreen® green algae remover?

The zerogreen® Green Growth Remover is a highly concentrated cleaning agent specifically designed to remove green growth, algae and lichen from a wide variety of surfaces while providing long-lasting protection against new growth.

2. How is the zerogreen® green algae remover used?

The green algae remover can be diluted with water in a certain ratio (1:10) and then applied to the affected area with a pressure sprayer (or similar). It should be left to work for at least 24 hours and should ideally be protected from precipitation during this time.

3. On which surfaces can I use the zerogreen® green algae remover?

The zerogreen® green algae remover is versatile and suitable for concrete, natural stone, plaster, wood, plastic and many other surfaces. It is not recommended to use it on raw metals or other sensitive surfaces. A test should always be carried out on an inconspicuous area.

4. Is the zerogreen® green algae remover safe for my plants and pets?

The green algae remover is biodegradable and free of acid and chlorine, making it an environmentally friendly cleaning option. However, direct contact with plants or animals should be avoided. If the green algae remover has dried on the surface, the area can be walked on without any problems by pets.

5. At what time of year should the green algae remover be used?

Spring and autumn are the best times to use green algae removers. Nevertheless, our green algae remover with long-term protection can be used all year round, provided the conditions are right. The temperature for use should be at least +5 degrees Celsius.

6. Do I need to use a high-pressure cleaner before using the zerogreen® green algae remover?

No, high-pressure cleaning is not necessary. The zerogreen® green algae remover was specially developed to enable effective cleaning without high pressure and thus avoid damage to surfaces. However, coarse debris such as leaves, coarse moss and other items should be removed before use. Alternatively, our green algae remover with long-term protection can also be used after (professional) high-pressure cleaning in order to maintain the result in the long term.

7. Can I use the zerogreen® green algae remover in rainy weather?

Our zerogreen® green algae remover should not be used in rainy weather. After application, the area should be protected from rain for 24 hours. Ideally, the application should be carried out on a rain-free day.

8. How much area can I clean with one bottle of zerogreen® green algae remover?

One bottle of zerogreen® green algae remover can clean an area of ​​up to 110m² when diluted in a ratio of 1:10. Our green algae remover can also be used undiluted for very heavy soiling. Consumption with a pressure sprayer is around 0.1l per square meter. These calculations are based on real experience from real users.

9. How long do I have to wait to see results?

The visible effect can vary depending on the level of dirt and the dosage chosen. With light dirt, you can see results after a short time, while with more severe dirt, a little patience is required. For example: Light green deposits usually disappear after 1-3 days, lichen and heavy dirt may not disappear until 6-12 months.

10. How long will my surface stay clean?

This depends on several factors such as weather, environment, subsurface, etc. In general, it can be said that surfaces remain clean for between 12 and 18 months before the first green deposits form again. The zerogreen® green deposit remover with long-term protection can be used annually as a preventative measure to effectively prevent the formation of green deposits. Please note that the information may vary for your surfaces.

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