FAQs - zerogreen
1. Can I use zerogreen ® Nano impregnation on any surface?
Our impregnation is perfect for materials such as concrete, stone, clinker, plaster and more. It can be used on terraces, paths, facades, roofs and other surfaces. The impregnation is not suitable for metals, glass, paint, textiles, etc. A test should always be carried out on an inconspicuous area beforehand.
2. How do I apply the zerogreen ® Nano impregnation?
The impregnation can be applied with a pressure sprayer, roller, brush, etc. Make sure that it is evenly distributed and that all areas are covered. The formation of puddles must always be avoided.
3. How long does the protection of the zerogreen ® Nano impregnation last?
The duration of protection provided by zerogreen ® Nano impregnation can vary depending on use, environmental influences, type of substrate and weather conditions. However, under optimal conditions and with appropriate care, the protection can last up to 5 years. It is recommended to check the condition regularly and carry out a follow-up treatment if necessary to ensure the best protection and longevity.
4. How do I dilute the zerogreen ® Nano impregnation?
Depending on the desired intensity, the impregnation can be diluted with water in a ratio of up to 1:10, but not higher than 1:8.
5. How much area can I treat with one liter of zerogreen ® Nano Impregnation?
One liter of the concentrate, diluted in a ratio of 1:10, is enough for about 100m². The range can vary greatly depending on the absorbency of the substrate (for example, clinker or other highly absorbent substrates).
6. How long does the impregnation need to dry?
The impregnation should dry for approximately 24 hours. The exact drying time varies depending on the ambient temperature and humidity. However, it is important to protect the impregnation from precipitation or moisture for at least 24 hours.
7. What do I do if puddles form on the treated area?
The formation of puddles should be avoided at all costs, as this can affect the appearance of your surface. When applying the product, care should be taken to ensure that the impregnation is evenly distributed. Always test a sample in an inconspicuous place.
8. Is the zerogreen ® Nano impregnation environmentally friendly?
Yes, our nano impregnation is free of harmful chemicals and does not contain any aggressive solvents.
9. Will my stone surface become slippery after impregnation?
Don't worry, the zerogreen ® Nano impregnation preserves the original texture of your flooring and does not make it slippery. It penetrates deep into the stone without changing its surface structure.
10. What is the benefit of impregnation on stones / facades / roofs?
The zerogreen ® nano impregnation protects stones, facades and roofs by forming an invisible barrier that repels dirt and moisture. It preserves the natural appearance, increases the durability of the materials and makes cleaning and maintenance easier.