zerogreen® Stone Glue - Your DIY Guide

Non-slip and water-permeable: Your guide to zerogreen® stone adhesive

Hey DIYers! Are you tired of your gravel and chippings being constantly overgrown with weeds or the stones just won't stay in place? The zerogreen® stone adhesive is the solution to this problem. In this article, we'll show you step by step how to use our innovative stone adhesive to transform your outdoor areas into a solid and attractive surface.

What is zerogreen® stone adhesive? 

The zerogreen® stone adhesive is an advanced product that has been specially developed to transform loose gravel and chippings into solid and easy-care surfaces. No weeds, no slipping of the stones - just a clean and beautiful surface. Ideal for gardens, paths and around the house.

The advantages at a glance

  • Weed-free : No more annoying weeds between the stones.
  • Stable and easy to maintain : The stones stay in place without constant readjustment.
  • Visually appealing : Your surfaces always look neat and tidy and shine with a "wet look".
  • Easy to use : With zerogreen® stone glue your DIY project becomes child's play.
  • Environmentally friendly : The solid gravel surface remains highly permeable and does not prevent water from seeping away.

Required material

  • The calculated amount of zerogreen® stone adhesive.
  • The desired chippings / gravel (clean and dry).
  • A concrete mixer or a hand-held forced agitator and mortar bucket for mixing gravel and stone adhesive.
  • Additional tools: shovel, smoothing trowel, spirit level, scales (optional), weed control fabric for the subsoil (optional), covering materials and adhesive tape.
  • Protective clothing: safety glasses, gloves, suitable work clothes.

What you should consider before use

  • Quantity calculation: Make sure that you have the required amount of zerogreen® stone adhesive (and chippings/gravel) available. You can use our consumption calculator to calculate.

  • Preparation of the substrate: The subsoil should be dug out and compacted to the desired depth (at least 3 cm). The coarser the gravel grain, the deeper the surface should be; at least 3 stones should fit on top of each other. We recommend using weed control fabric as a separating layer between the soil and the gravel.

  • Use old gravel or new gravel: If old gravel is present, it must be clean, dry and free of impurities. You can, for example, dig up the gravel, spread it out, wash it with water and, if necessary, zerogreen green growth remover turbo and let it dry. A Alternatively, you can purchase new, clean and dry gravel.

  • Protection of adjacent surfaces: Carefully cover adjacent components, such as adjacent paving areas or plants, to ensure that no stone adhesive gets on them.
  • Weather conditions: Check the weather forecast. Ideally, the weather should remain dry for at least 24 hours after application, with temperatures above +5 degrees Celsius. In case of rain, you could cover the area without placing the tarpaulin directly on the area.

  • Protective clothing: Wear appropriate protective clothing, including gloves and safety glasses, to protect yourself during the application process.

Step-by-step instructions for use

With these instructions, processing becomes super easy!

Step 1: Preparing the area

Before you start, make sure that the area has been excavated to the correct depth, compacted and that all tools and gravel/crushed stone are prepared. Please check all the steps above again.

Pro tip: Smaller chippings/gravel are better for easier processing and better compaction. A heavily compacted gravel surface prevents weed growth more effectively than a coarse gravel surface with lots of gaps between the stones.

Step 2: Mixing gravel and stone adhesive

Once everything is prepared, the stone adhesive can be mixed with the clean and dry gravel, using either a cement mixer or a hand-held forced action mixer. Mixing time should be around 6 minutes per mix. You can mix around 75kg of gravel with one container of stone adhesive, a scale can be helpful here.

Professional tip: Pre-packaged, clean and dry gravel/chips are ideal for small areas. However, not all commercially available chippings/gravel are clean and dry.

Step 3: Apply stone adhesive-gravel mixture

When the gravel and stone adhesive are properly mixed, the finished mixture is tipped onto the surface. Spread the mixture out to a flat surface using a smoothing trowel or a shovel; a spirit level can help here. When everything is evenly distributed, the gravel is compacted with the smoothing trowel by gently tapping and pressing. You can be creative and you don't have to work everything perfectly straight. Remember, however, that the shape cannot be changed once it has hardened.

Note: The stone adhesive leaves residues on the work materials that may not be able to be removed

Step 4: Allow to harden

Allow the stone adhesive to harden. The exact drying time can vary depending on the weather conditions. Ideally, it should not rain during or after processing. If there is a sudden threat of rain, the area can be covered with a tarpaulin, for example, but the tarpaulin should not lie directly on the surface. During the hardening phase, it is essential to avoid water penetrating the surface. After about 24 hours, the area can be used normally.

Step 5: Enjoy your solid gravel surface

Congratulations! Your gravel surface is now solid, weed-resistant and low-maintenance. The area can be walked on, swept or cleaned with a leaf blower. To prevent green growth, we recommend our zerogreen® green growth remover with long-term protection. Sit back and enjoy the view.

Thank you for your interest!

We appreciate your interest in our products and do our best to make them as user-friendly as possible. With zerogreen® stone adhesive you can transform your gravel areas into attractive, non-slip and easy-care areas. No more weeds and shifting stones! Try it out and enjoy your new, tidy gravel area. Visit our shop to purchase zerogreen® stone adhesive and give your garden a new look.

frequently asked Questions

Before you start consolidating the stones, prepare the subsoil by excavating it to the required depth and compacting it. You should also use weed control fabric as a separating layer.

Mix your clean and dry chippings/gravel with the zerogreen® stone adhesive in a clean container. You can use a forced action mixer or a concrete mixer for this. Follow the instructions on the packaging.

Approximately 24 hours, the actual time depends on the weather and climate. The surface should be protected from moisture for at least 24 hours during the curing phase.

The solid connection of the stones forms a barrier that prevents weed seeds from penetrating. This effectively prevents weed growth on your chippings and gravel surfaces.

By clean and dry grit or gravel we mean material that is free of dirt, dust and moisture. The cleanliness of the material is important to ensure optimal adhesion of the zerogreen® stone adhesive. Dust and dirt can impair the bond between the adhesive and the stones. So if you want to use your old gravel or unwashed grit, you should wash and dry it first.

You can use zerogreen® stone adhesive on all chippings and gravel surfaces around your home. It is ideal for garden paths, patios, gravel beds, verges, tree pits or other areas with gravel and chippings. However, it is not suitable for use by cars.

Yes, our stone adhesive is suitable for all types of chippings and gravel surfaces. It is designed to work with chippings or gravel up to 32mm in size. This allows for a wide range of applications from fine chippings to coarser gravel. However, please note that coarser material may require more adhesive to ensure full coverage and a permanent bond.

One container of our stone adhesive can be mixed and processed with up to 75 kg of chippings/gravel. The number of containers you need depends on the size, depth and condition of your area. The depth should be at least 3 grain sizes on top of each other, but at least 3cm. You can use our consumption calculator for help.

Yes, you can seal chippings and gravel surfaces, and our zerogreen® stone adhesive is ideal for this. It acts like a sealant by firmly bonding the stones together and creating a stable, non-slip and weed-free surface. This type of "sealing" has the advantage that it retains the natural look and feel of the stones, but at the same time offers the functionality and ease of care of a sealed surface. In addition, the surface remains permeable to water, which ensures good drainage and prevents waterlogging.

Maintaining your chippings or gravel surface that has been solidified with zerogreen® stone adhesive is straightforward and requires little effort. Simply sweeping or spraying with water is enough in most cases to remove dirt, as the solid bond between the stones prevents dirt from penetrating deep into the surface. In the event that green deposits, algae or fungi form on your surface, we recommend using one of our zerogreen® green deposit removers. These are specially designed for our products and effectively and gently remove green deposits and other organic dirt without affecting the strength of the stones.

Your question wasn't there? No problem! Just contact our support team. We'll definitely find an answer to your question!