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Craftsman know-how for your home

Welcome to zerogreen®!

We are a small team of craftsmen who didn't want to settle for mediocrity. In our search for the perfect cleaning products, we realized that the market simply didn't meet our needs. So we rolled up our sleeves and got to work ourselves.

The result? A range of cleaning products (and more!) that really work. Products that have been developed to make work easier and yet remain affordable for everyone. From refreshing old paving stones to maintaining terraces, facades and roofs - with zerogreen® you can do all these tasks yourself without having to rely on expensive professionals.

Our mission is clear: We want to give you the best tools to effortlessly keep your home in good shape. You will find everything you need in our online shop. Discover the easy way to clean and care for your home with zerogreen® and see for yourself how effective our products are.

What customers say about us

Simply great! I had problems with green growth on my yard for years. With zerogreen® everything is gone, very easily, without a Kärcher. I can only recommend it!

Sebastian J.

I love you! You have saved me an incredible amount of work over the next few years!

Julia Z.

Used it for my paving stones. Works well. Good value for money.

Amanda Neumann