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Give the freedom of choice with a zerogreen® gift voucher! Perfect for anyone who values ​​a clean and environmentally friendly home. Available in various denominations, delivered immediately by email and redeemable for the entire range in the zerogreen® online shop.

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Give the gift of cleanliness and freshness: The zerogreen® gift voucher

Are you looking for the perfect gift for friends and family? Surprise them with a zerogreen® gift voucher! Whether for garden lovers, DIY enthusiasts or simply someone who values ​​a clean home - with our voucher you are not only giving a practical but also environmentally friendly present.

Flexible use: The zerogreen® gift voucher can be used for all products in our online shop. Whether it's green algae remover, cleaning accessories or other environmentally friendly cleaning products - the recipient has the freedom to choose!

Simple and convenient: You will receive the gift voucher immediately by email, ideal for last-minute gifts. You can print it out or send it directly digitally - a quick, environmentally friendly and uncomplicated gift option.

Choose your value: Our vouchers are available in different amounts so you can adapt the gift to your budget.

frequently asked Questions

frequently asked Questions

1. How do I apply the zerogreen ® stone paint?
The application is simple and does not require any special expertise. You just need to clean the surface thoroughly, stir the paint well and then apply it evenly. A paint roller and brush, as well as airless sprayers, are suitable for this.
2. How long does it take for the paint to dry?
Our stone paint dries very quickly. You can usually walk on your newly designed surfaces after about 2-4 hours. However, the exact drying time can vary depending on weather conditions and temperature. To be on the safe side, we recommend not walking on/protecting the area for 24 hours.
3. How long does the color last?
The durability of our stone paint varies greatly depending on weather conditions and wear and tear, as well as the type of surface and substrate. It usually lasts up to 5 years before it may need to be reapplied. However, it can also last longer. For example: On palisades or edge areas, it naturally lasts longer than on areas with a lot of car traffic. Our stone paint can always be reworked!
4. Can I use the paint on other materials?
The zerogreen ® stone paint has been specially developed for paving stones and concrete surfaces. For other materials, we recommend that you first create a small test area to see how the material reacts to the paint.
5. How many square meters can I paint with one container of zerogreen ® stone paint?
One container is enough for around 20 square meters. However, the exact range can vary depending on the absorbency and condition of the surface. You can use our consumption calculator to help you.
6. Is zerogreen ® stone paint environmentally friendly?
Yes, our stone paint is water-based and sustainable. Our stone paint was specially manufactured for the purpose of coating floors outdoors, so it is vapor-permeable and does not seal the building material. In addition, you can save valuable resources by using zerogreen® stone paint, as no new building needs to be constructed.
7. Can I clean the colored surface with a high-pressure cleaner?
Intensive high-pressure cleaning should be avoided, even if the stone color can usually withstand household high-pressure cleaners, the durability of the stone color will be affected. We recommend aftercare with zerogreen® green algae remover with long-term protection or zerogreen® green algae remover turbo.
8. Will my surface look painted over after application?
No, the stone color takes on the surface structure of the stones and does not form an unnatural layer on the stones. Take a look at our reference images.
9. Can I also use zerogreen ® stone paint indoors?
The zerogreen ® stone paint was developed primarily for outdoor use. It can be used indoors, but we recommend testing the surface in an inconspicuous area first.
10. Will the stone colour wear off faster if there is car traffic?
Yes, absolutely. Our stone paint is very robust, but we do not recommend it for areas subject to exceptionally heavy traffic, such as parking lots or areas with a lot of traffic. However, our paint can generally be used for private driveways without any concerns. If in doubt, a test should always be carried out on an area subject to heavy traffic.

Your question wasn't there? No problem! Just contact our support team. We'll definitely find an answer to your question!