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zerogreen® Green Growth Remover Turbo
1 liter10 liters

zerogreen® Green Growth Remover Turbo

€24,90 EUR
zerogreen® Green Growth Remover Turbo: The effective instant solution against green deposits, lichen, algae, etc. Experience the turbo effect: effortless cleaning for paving stones, facades, roofs and more! Do you...
zerogreen® Grünbelagentferner mit Langzeitschutz - zerogreen
1 liter5 liters10 liters

zerogreen® green algae remover with long-term protection

€29,90 EUR
zerogreen® green algae remover with long-term protection: The ultimate solution for a permanently clean surface! Long-lasting protection against green deposits and co. on all surfaces Experience the zerogreen® green growth...

Verdigris - remove effectively and safely

Green algae is a green film on outdoor surfaces that usually forms during the wet season. The term "green algae remover" is often used to describe a variety of different organisms such as algae, moss and lichen that can accumulate on the outdoor surfaces around your home. Not only can these deposits affect the visual appearance of your patios, walkways, walls, roofs and facades, but they can also make surfaces slippery and unsafe and in some cases even cause structural damage. This is where green algae removers come in. Green algae removers are special cleaning agents designed to effectively remove these stubborn deposits and, in some cases, prevent them from re-establishing themselves. They work by penetrating the cellular structures of the organisms, killing them and then allowing them to be easily washed or brushed off.

zerogreen®: The professional green algae remover for everyone

zerogreen® green algae removers are characterized by their high effectiveness and user-friendliness. Our products penetrate deep into the surfaces and thoroughly remove green algae, allowing your outdoor areas to shine like new again. As craftsmen, we use the products ourselves every day and are convinced of their effectiveness and quality.

Correct use of green algae removers

Green algae removers are usually applied by spraying onto the affected surface and then need to be left to work for some time. Plastic pressure sprayers are ideal for this as they are particularly compatible with the material. Application with a watering can or similar is also possible. The exact application process can vary depending on the product, so it is always important to follow the instructions on the label carefully.

Choosing the right green algae remover

The choice of a green algae remover depends on the specific needs of your surfaces and the properties of the products. Our zerogreen® series offers a selection of green algae removers with an immediate effect and green algae removers with long-term protection, which are suitable for a wide range of requirements and areas of application. Our green algae remover Turbo works immediately and removes green algae in the shortest possible time, the green algae remover with long-term protection works with a time delay, but builds up an active ingredient depot and thus has a long-lasting effect, 12-18 months.

zerogreen®: An all-rounder for numerous surfaces

Our zerogreen® green algae removers can be used on many different materials and surfaces, including: concrete, natural stone, plaster, clinker, wood, plastic and much more. Always follow the instructions on the label to ensure that the product is suitable for the material you have chosen. If in doubt, always test a sample on an inconspicuous area.

Paving & stone cleaning without high pressure

When it comes to cleaning paving stones and other stone surfaces, using a high-pressure cleaner is often the first thought. However, this method can damage the material and roughen the stone, which also encourages the rapid formation of new green deposits. With zerogreen® green deposit removers, gentle and effective cleaning without high pressure is possible. Our products penetrate deep into the surfaces and effectively combat the green deposits. In this way, the stone surfaces are protected and effectively freed of algae, moss and lichen.

Roof & facade cleaning without high pressure

Green growth on roofs and facades is not only an aesthetic problem, but can also damage the material and shorten the lifespan of the surfaces. High-pressure cleaning should not be an option here, as it can cause damage to the components. However, zerogreen® green growth removers are an effective and safe solution. They are simply sprayed on and, depending on the product, remain on the surface or are rinsed off after the exposure time. The result: clean and protected roof and facade surfaces without the use of high pressure.