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zerogreen® stone adhesive - the grit and gravel consolidation

zerogreen® stone adhesive - the grit and gravel consolidation

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zerogreen® stone adhesive: The ultimate solution for permanently solid and weed-free chippings and gravel surfaces! Consolidation for chippings and gravel areas around the house The zerogreen® stone adhesive offers a...

From loose gravel to a solid surface: zerogreen® stone adhesive

Chippings and grit are popular elements in garden design. But they can pose challenges: loose stones are scattered everywhere, weeds grow through them and maintenance is often difficult. Our stone adhesive offers a solution. It connects the stones to form a stable, water-permeable surface that is both functional and visually appealing. With stone adhesive you can enjoy the natural look of gravel and grit without sacrificing comfort.

Unlimited design possibilities with our stone adhesive

Whether you want to create a decorative gravel area in your garden, create an easy-care and robust path through your vegetable garden or design an elegant gravel area as the basis for your garden lounge set - the possible uses of stone adhesives are almost unlimited. zerogreen® stone adhesive solidifies loose stone materials such as gravel and chippings, turning them into a solid and water-permeable surface.

Application of zerogreen® stone adhesive

The zerogreen® stone adhesive is easy to use. All you have to do is mix the stone adhesive with clean, dry chippings or gravel, then pour the mixture into the designated area and let it solidify. Once it has hardened, a solid, weed-free surface is created. Please always follow the specific instructions on the label for the best results.

The maintenance of solidified chippings and gravel surfaces

Surfaces treated with zerogreen® stone adhesive are easy to maintain. You can easily sweep the hardened surfaces or spray them with a water hose and, if necessary, treat them with the zerogreen® green algae remover. This will preserve the aesthetics and stability of your stone surfaces for many years.

Environmental awareness when using stone adhesives

The use of stone adhesives is environmentally friendly. Even though the adhesive forms a solid structure with the gravel, the surface's ability to absorb water and drain it naturally is retained. This means that the natural water cycle is not disturbed. Once hardened, the gravel surface is also safe for pets.

Accessibility thanks to solidified gravel surfaces

Chippings and gravel surfaces are beautiful to look at, but can be a challenge for people with mobility restrictions. Our stone adhesive offers a solution here. By solidifying the chippings or gravel, a flat and stable surface is created that is wheelchair accessible. Strollers, walkers and even bicycles can be moved over the surface without any problem. This enables barrier-free access in outdoor areas without having to forego the desired gravel surfaces.

Permanent weed removal through gravel consolidation

Removing weeds from gravel and chippings surfaces can be tedious and time-consuming. With our stone adhesive, your surfaces can remain weed-free. By solidifying the surface, weed growth becomes practically impossible. The stones are so firmly connected to one another that weed seeds cannot penetrate into the gaps and germinate there. The result: a durable, easy-care and attractive stone surface without weeds.