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zerogreen® stone colour - The stone colour refinement

zerogreen® stone colour - The stone colour refinement

€79,90 EUR
zerogreen® stone color: The innovative solution for your paving stones and concrete surfaces! Bring your paving stones back to life With our zerogreen® stone paint, we offer you fascinating possibilities...

Beautify and protect with concrete & stone paints

Despite their robustness and durability, concrete surfaces and paving stones, which are among the preferred surface materials for driveways, patios, courtyards and garden paths in Germany, can show discoloration and erosion over time. To freshen up such surfaces, our zerogreen® stone paint offers an efficient and cost-effective solution. Unlike conventional coatings that cover up the natural structure of the stone and make it look painted over, our stone paint penetrates the surface and forms a permanent bond with the material. The result is a beautiful, new-looking paving surface that preserves the original structure of the stone and gives a natural-looking shine. It increases the lifespan of the surface without the need for costly replacement of the materials.

What makes our zerogreen® stone color unique?

Our zerogreen® stone paint is based on the latest technology, is water-based and also contains a nano-impregnation that penetrates the pores of the stone and offers a durable, long-lasting protection against rapid re-greening. The variety of colors available allows you to give your stones an individual look that fits perfectly into the surroundings.

Diverse application possibilities with our stone colour finishing

The possible uses of our stone paint are as extensive as your creative ideas themselves. Whether terraces, courtyards, garden paths, driveways or balconies, our stone paint offers the possibility of giving almost any surface a new, fresh look. It is ideal for absorbent surfaces, including concrete surfaces, paving stones and palisades.

How is zerogreen® stone paint applied?

Applying our stone paint is straightforward. First, the surface should be thoroughly cleaned and freed of dust, green deposits and other dirt. Then the paint is applied evenly with a brush, roller or sprayer. The exact procedure may vary depending on the type of stone and the desired surface. We also provide detailed instructions and helpful tips to ensure you get the best possible results.

Sustainability and environmental compatibility

Our stone paint is not only high-performance, but also environmentally friendly. It is water-based, which means that it contains fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than conventional paints. In addition, the color pigments used are non-toxic and safe for the environment. In addition, a significant amount of raw materials and resources are saved because no new building needs to be constructed.

New paving surface in just one day

Applying our stone paint finish is simple and straightforward, making it ideal for DIYers. With a little preparation, you can completely transform an existing area in just one day. First, prepare the surface by thoroughly cleaning it and removing any dirt and debris. Then, apply the stone paint using a brush, roller or sprayer, whichever is most suitable for your specific surface and situation. Thanks to the paint's fast drying time, you can walk on your newly designed area in just a few hours. With minimal effort and time, you can give your outdoor spaces a completely new look.

Save money compared to re-laying

By using our zerogreen® stone paint you can save a lot of money, especially compared to traditional methods. Re-laying pavers can be very expensive - both in terms of material costs and labor. In contrast, stone paint is a cost-effective way to change and renew your outdoor areas. And best of all, you can apply it yourself, thus avoiding the expense of hiring professional tradesmen. In addition, treating with our stone paint reduces maintenance to a minimum, which further reduces your running costs and saves you extra money in the long run.